The exam will be taken in the classroom of 'Chennai 2 Hindustan King Sejong Institute'

'Chennai 2 Hindustan King Sejong Institute' is newly designated as TOPIK official center.

The 83rd TOPIK Exam 2022 Announcement

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Attention all TOPIK Candidates. TOPIK Exam is back again. Please check the details given below thoroughly.​

2. Examination Venues

The 83rd TOPIK Exam will be held in 3 domestic locations namely:

  • Delhi Exam Centre : Jawaharlal Nehru University

  • Chennai Exam Centre : Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science

  • Manipur Exam Centre : Manipur Universit

3. Registration Details

  • The registration will be completely Online and will be done on the first come-first-serve basis. This is because we need to follow the social distancing protocols and take all the COVID-19 precautionary measures to prevent the spreading of the virus.

  • The form links will be activated from 4th May 2022 (Wednesday), 9:00 a.m. to 11th May 2022 (Wednesday), 4:00 p.m.The forms will automatically close once the seats are full. This means that the registration can be completed before the due date which is 11th May if the seats get full.

  • All the successful applicants will be notified about the payment procedures and other details after their application is successfully accepted, via email. This means they can be notified immediately after they submit their application as well. Hence, kindly keep checking your emails from 5th May onwards as all responsibility will fall on you if you forget to check your emails and miss the deadline.

4. Examination Fee

  • TOPIK I : Rupees 1,000/-

  • TOPIK II : Rupees 1,300/-

  • If both : Rupees 2,300/-

  • If a candidate who has filled the form but fails to make the payment till the due date, his/ her application will be considered CANCELLED.

  • If there is discrepancy in the data filled in the application form with the information we receive in the payment forms (will be sent later to the successful applicants), then that applicant’s registration for the TOPIK will be cancelled.

6. Documents Required for Registration

  • Current passport size photograph in .JPG file format under 200KB.

  • Signature in .JPG File Format under 100KB.


  • Those who want to give both TOPIK 1 and TOPIK 2, must fill both the forms.

  • The details in the form must be filled correctly. Incorrect information will lead to cancellation of the form.

  • Do not fill the same form twice or fill the same form for 2 centres simultaneously, otherwise your application will be cancelled.

  • Once you are registered successfully and have paid the fee, you will be notified about getting your ID slip along with other required information.

  • If due to any situation, the TOPIK is cancelled, then we will be processing a refund of the examination fees. If it happens, we will be sharing with you the details regarding the procedure for refund via email.